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A nasal cannula is a simple, effective, comfortable device for delivering low-flow oxygen.  It consists of two prongs protruding from the center of a disposable tube and inserts into the nostrils. The nasal cannula allows breathing through the mouth or nose, is available for all age groups, and is adequate for short- or long-term use. Compared with other oxygen delivery systems, a nasal cannula decreases a person's feeling of claustrophobia. Cannulas are inexpensive, disposable, and easily accepted by most people.

One of the biggest benefits of a nasal cannula is being able to talk and eat while using it because it doesn't cover your mouth


  • Soft Touch Oxygen Nasal Cannula 
  • Pack of 50 
  • 6.6 feet  and 8.2 feet options available




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50 Oxygen Nasal Cannulas

$169.00 Regular Price
$119.00Sale Price
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